Familyfirst, and fast.

We designed a simple, lightweight implementation process to help you start earning ROI in just days.

Frequently asked questions

If you are interested in implementing Familyfirst at your hospital, start here by learning the basics of our implementation process.

How long does it take to implement?

The software implementation takes just a day, regardless of the size of the hospital. But for larger hospitals, it may take longer to complete staff training of the application.

Can we pilot Familyfirst in a unit first?

We offer flexible implementation options, including a pilot program in order to validate your organization's objectives.

What is the cost of Familyfirst?

We use a simple tier-based fee structure based on the number of beds in a hospital. We prefer a simple, clear cost over a fluctuating figure tied to active users or messages sent.

Does Familyfirst require on-prem cloud hosting / IT Infrastructure?

Familyfirst is hosted on our own managed cloud environment. The IT implementation of Familyfirst is as simple as adding desktop shortcuts to hospital computers.

How does staff training for Familyfirst work?

We offer flexible implementation options, including a deployed Implementation Manager, remote support team, and Project Manager to assist your organization's champions in the roll-out and staff training of Familyfirst.

Zero-to-Operational Implementation Stack

One-Click Cloud Provisioning

When the lights turn green for an implementation, it takes our internal engineering team just seconds to configure your organization's Familyfirst software environment.

Implementation Manager

We work with your organization to design a unique implementation plan. If applicable, we will send a deployed Implementation Manager to work from the hospital floors in assisting of Familyfirst training and habit-building.

Remote Project Manager

A remote Familyfirst HQ team-member will be dedicated to ensuring the champions of your your organization have all the meaningful data and information about the implementation. Our Project Manager is an incredible resource for hospital leadership during an implementation.

Remote Technical Support Team

Our apps ensure a 99.9% crash-free and up-time rate, but when staff encounter any type of issue or question, our Technical Support team is two clicks away.

Account Management Tools

Champions at your organization will use our Account Management tools to create, update, and delete accounts as staff are hired, resign, etc.

Deployment Dashboard

Our Project Manager will create a unique Deployment Dashboard, custom for your hospital's implementation. This becomes the go-to resource for realtime analytics and implementation management.

Training Resource Library

We offer a wide array of digital and physical materials that can be used during implementations. Regardless of how your staff learn best, we will do our best to get them caught up to speed quickly. Whether that be by watching a pre-recorded screencast tutorial, reading a Quickstart tutorial, or following along a printed tip sheet lying next to their hospital computer.

And more...

We work each organization to create a unique implementation plan that works best for them. Because although our software is easy to use, a flexible, robust implementation will enable your organization to tap into all of its potential.